Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Warning You ...and STUPID BAT! ??? - Part I

I think this might work.  Nice touch with the ostrich feathers ...which I think will be functional too.  Only thing missing is a bit of bling.  ;)

So ...I just opened the bathroom door to holler into Mr SeaSpray (behind the shower curtain), a warning:

I just want to warn you that I am feeling VERY grouchy!


I don't know!  Maybe it's my hormones.  So if I get snappy or grouchy is NOT you - it's ME!


And then I shut the door and walked away.

This is actually funny that I should warn him because believe me when I tell you HE is the king of testy with a capital "T"., and that is putting it mildly.

I am the easy going one.  (I think that is a good thing - to balance things out :)  Ha ha ...hence my feeling I needed to warn him.  :)

Anyway ...I don't really think it is my hormones.  Great to blame it on though.  :)

Frankly the moment I feel irritated over a lot of things.

 This too shall pass.

Oh and before warning him ...I called a friend who I saw left a product order on my website and I wanted to respond.  I warned her I was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk (So counter to the usual me), but would call her tomorrow.  I only did that because she is a good friend that I know I can be honest with.  I'll vent to her tomorrow or maybe surprise her down at her store soon.  She sounded busy anyway.

It is kind of funny (says me) that I feel I have to warn people.  I mean when you think of how many people just come out with whatever.
Okay ...I'll share one STUPIDLY ANNOYING thing.

Tomorrow ...I am trying to decide if I should go in the morning or wait until after my afternoon orthovisk injection.  When the ER is mostly likely to be the least busy ...even though I know that there is no rhyme or reason to an ER waiting room.

Oh and why am I going?

*BIG ...BIG ...annoyed sigh!*

Because ...during a thunder storm this past Sunday night ...there is a P-O-S-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y  that I was bitten and then scratched by a bat. 

I don't even want to have to go in there and tell the story.  I also have a picture that I've cropped and magnified.

And I don't want the injections.

I do not not... want to do this!

I really hope they can have another hospital fax over the records.  Of course I am waiting until day 5 ..the last day in the window of opportunity to have the vaccine be effective and they actually recommend you go immediately, but I have been busy.  Also I wasn't sure it was a bat.  I should've called the other hospital about that instead of assuming.  They should have records of my having the entire rabies series in October, 1999.  The good news as told to me by one of my former ER coworkers is that I am good for life except that I need to get a booster shot or two in the arm.  It was a relief to hear that because I could not even fathom how awful it would be to get that first injection in the front lower side of my neck.   The last time my hand (site of the initial injection) and forearm swelled up a couple of hours later and remained swollen for years.  No one could offer a reason why that happened.  I hope I don't react again.  And at least I am current with my tetanus vaccine.

And I am grateful for the vaccine.  I am just so frustrated by the absurdity of this happening again and yet it's not conclusive ...and yet the protocol is to get the vaccine ...and I hope it doesn't wreak havoc with my immune system ...and I also have to get a cortisone injection in my finger at the ortho appointment tomorrow and I hope that doesn't cause any problems that would interfere with my healing process after I have a total knee replacement in September.  I've read cortisone can stay in your adrenal system for a year and lower your immune responses ...and I am thinking that hospital infections are always a concern ...and maybe I am not understanding all of this.

I recently told someone I know enough to be concerned but not enough to know better.

And actually ...I am appreciative of 2 ER people who have been supportive along with their guidance to do what I really knew all along what I was going to have to do.  Ya can't blame a SeaSpray for just hoping someone would say ..."Oh n-o-o-o SeaSpray ...of course that wasn't a bat and you do not have to go get the rabies vaccine".  And believe me even though I heard their opinions ...I was still so very much trying to ignore what we all knew I should do.  And I absolutely would be telling someone else they should go to the ER to discuss it with the doctor.  You know ...the old do as I say - not what I do.  :)

Stupid BAT!

Anyway ...this little bit of venting has calmed me down a bit.  There are some other things going on ...but at least I'm not going to be snappy toward anyone.  Blogging is cathartic and I really do want to get back to it.  I have been so busy and just haven't felt I could put a thought together to write when I do have down time.  And I still want to write about the biopsy experience.  And other things.

And I will follow up with what happens with the shots and what happened Sunday night that set all this in motion in the first place.

And now I think I am going on Amazon to see if I can buy a safari hat with netting that I can wear in our yard as I duck at all the incoming bats nearby.  ;)

Just saying.

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