Monday, July 21, 2014

(Revised - Update and stuff) Fast Track in the ED WILL be Fast - Part III

Hope is the word which god has written on the brow of every man hope quote

I opted to have fun vs going to the ED earlier today.  I'm not going to hate myself for putting the rabies booster off until now ...Sunday ...late afternoon.

Because ...

Hope springs eternal ...

Miracles do happen ...

And this SeaSpray shall remain ...optimistic!
Update Monday night:  The wait wasn't bad.

I asked the patients sitting outside waiting (not a good sign - but hope was still springing eternal in me.), how the wait was.  They said people told them they were there for hours.  While I was registering a lady came up to the counter with her son, stating she would return in the morning. (Also not a good sign - I was still hoping tho.:)  Of course not long after she left ...nurses came out for patients.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen patients do that.  Personally if I had an *emergency* ..I would NOT leave I'd figure time already invested in waiting ...and there is no guarantee it will be better at another time.  Maybe likely to better in morning but no guarantee.  Plus since it apparently wasn't a major emergency ...couldn't she just see a private doctor which would be cheaper?  I am judging and should not.

Well one more thing about that.  So many times patients would get annoyed and leave the ER I worked in and state they were going to the one I was in last night.  This is after waiting a while in our ER waiting room ...they then decided to drive the half hour over to the busier ER.  I guess people feel they have to do something.  And ...just like with the lady last night ...often times their turn was up next.

Anyway ...My wait time was an hour and a half or less.  I didn't look to see when I arrived.  Definitely an hour wait.  And I would've been out sooner if the nurse didn't tell me I had to wait to be sure I didn't have an allergic reaction.  Last week the PA let me go right away because I didn't have problems with the series years ago.  (Only swelling from the Immune Globulin)  They gave me the discharge papers and I was in my way.

And I thought about just leaving but I'm the person who is afraid to rip the tags off sofa cushions, etc., because I believe those "Do not remove under penalty of law ", threats.  I would feel disrespectful.  I was seriously tempted to leave when I saw that ambulance pull in.  But then I thought I'd be leaving my discharge papers that I don't care about anyway.  It turned out I could have left because I didn't get papers for the 2nd booster.

So now I'm done with that.  And I'm bat proof now ...or bat sh*t crazy ...or something like that.  ;)
My next and last bat post will go up with the picture of the fang marks on my neck.  "I VANT to SUCK your B-L-O-O-D!"  Don't mind me ...a bat bite to the neck causes me to think of vampires.  :)

Anyway ...I'll add the pic and write about what happened.

It was just so random ...and so stupid.  And really can we know if kids are safe outside ...or people that may not realize they may've gotten a bat bite?  And most bats don't have rabies.  But the disease is up here.

Also, the ER staff will tell you that even though most bats don't carry rabies ...because it is fatal ...the recommendation is to get the rabies series.

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