Sunday, August 3, 2014

If At First You Don't Succeed ... BUT ...I Could NOT *Believe* it ..NOT AGAIN?! And NOT URINE!! :)

 Yummy dessert one above.  Yummy dessert two - see below.  :)

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  :)  A week ago this past Thursday night I decided to make a nice ...great for summer dessert for the orthopedic office I go to.  So this dessert was just a little thank you to the doctor and staff.  In my perfect world I would've brought it in at my last appointment but I don't get things done as easily as I used to although thankfully that will change soon.  Anyway ...I made the main part earlier in the evening and then all I had to do was make up the (from scratch) chocolate icing.  It has to sit overnight in the refrigerator.  I had already gotten the ingredients out and so at 1;30 in the morning I just had to heat the butter and milk, followed by blending in the other ingredient ..after which I pour the thin icing all over the top.  I double the recipe so it is a bit thicker and looks smoother over the Graham crackers on top. And is why it spills over a bit onto the foil.  I prefer using the Longaberger dishes. Then VOILA!  And it serves a lot of people even though it is only in a 9x13 pan.  It is surprisingly heavy ...I guess because of the creamy filled layers.

Pleased with the results ...I then began to clean up.

However... to my my utter DISMAY, I saw that the wire whisk had snapped in the mixing.  I don't know why I did this but when I got the electric mixer out, I decided to use these flimsy little whisk attachments that I now know are for eggs and other light things and not for mixing powdered sugar.  *SIGH!*  I've never used these and ALWAYS use the regular heavy steel attachments.

So then I began to obsess a bit because I R-E-A-L-L-Y wanted to bring that dessert in the next day and I R-E-A-L-L-Y did not want to have to make it again.  Plus I didn't have all the ingredients anyway.  So I stared at the broken whisk attachment as if doing so would somehow make it alright.

You see my concern was that possibly a tiny shaving of metal or more could've gone into the icing and maybe even into the filling.  I mean God forbid someone should get a lacerated colon because of some dessert I brought in.  But I wasn't ready to give up yet.  I tried to match the to broken ends up with a bright light behind it to see if they fit together perfectly.  I thought they did ..well mostly.  I wasn't 100% sure but they seemed to fit perfectly.  *SIGH!*

So then I stared at the cake top more.  I contemplated removing the top layer off since the graham crackers were still firm.  I did have the ingredients for the top of the dessert.  But then how would I know if a tiny sliver went into the filling?  Then I looked at the stupid, flimsy wire whisk again as if staring would make it all okay again.  Total denial I tell you.

But in the end ...I am a confessed perfectionist with a capital "P" when it comes to food prep of any kind and of course I could not in good conscience give it to anyone.  "Oh FINE!"  I'm not bringing it to them!"

However, I still put it in the fridge.  I was thinking that m-a-y-b-e I would just take the top layer for us and it's not likely anything fell in.  Yeah that's it ...I'll sacrifice a family member or myself all for some homemade dessert.  Well ...we and the people I've made it for, really do like it ...a lot.  :)

But then the next day I told a friend what I was considering and she asked how I know a piece of metal didn't drop down into it.  And again I sighed and said I know she is right.

And truthfully ...I am the queen of the "What ifs?", and so I know I really wouldn't have given it to anyone.  I just was having a hard time letting go.  :)

So this past Thursday, I again made the same dessert for the office.  I just added some powdered sugar in the center, topped with cherry filling.  But I still had a little snafu.  I had bought fresh raspberries for the top.  It's not in the recipe but I think fruit is a nice addition.  (I'm thinking of adding fruit inside when I make it again.)  But they disintegrated into a syrup.  Perfectly sweet tasting raspberries from Costco but they were all just seemingly melting down.  Now I realize they were doing it in the store which explains the syrupy mess on all the packages.  (I will complain and get my money back this week.)  And so I couldn't use them.

I packed the tray into a basket and then with ice I packed it into a soft cooler carrier.

And then because I didn't want the dessert to slant to one side of the tray in the car ...I placed something against the seat do that the cooler would stay even.  That was a mistake.  *Sigh.*  It was a mistake because when I stopped short at a light in the town just before their practice ...the dessert flew forward, heading down to the floor, but I did manage to save it.  However ...there now seemed to be a bulge in the front that wasn't there previously.  I kept trying to feel for whether or not the dessert was now out of the tray and mushed against the liner.  I couldn't believe it and wondered if maybe I wasn't supposed to bring a dessert in.

But I decided to walk it in anyway.  As I rounded the walkway, I was glad to see their doors were all open to the outside since the dessert is heavy and I wouldn't have to juggle and already compromised dessert.  But I became alarmed when I thought I smelled car CAT urine.  It was so strong that I bent down to smell the carrier on top and it wreaked of cat urine.  OMG!  Are you KIDDING me?!  HOW could THAT happen!?  But then I didn't want the receptionist see me smelling the cooler an so promptly stopped.  But then at lightening speed as I walked in the doors, I wondered  "How could I have missed this?  What if it is inside?  Oh GREAT!  Now I am handing off a smushed ...CAT URINE ...WREAKING dessert to say THANK YOU?!  And I am going to tell her to ignore the smushing because it will still taste yummy?  Oh by the way don't worry about the cat urine you smell because you can see there is a plastic cover over the pan.  ENJOY!"  And my worst fear was the humiliation of her smelling it too.  "OH NO!"

The receptionist on the phone waved me in to the check out side.  I didn't mention the Cat urine smell and secretly hoped I was mistaken because I didn't smell it now.  I was glad she was on the phone so that I could open it first. No worries.  No cat urine smell.  And the dessert was only a little bit smushed on one end.  Indeed the basket and my stopping it from hitting the floor saved the day.  The bulge on the front of the cooler was the paper plates that had lifted out of the basket that I had included with the desert.  She thanked me and happily carried it too their refrigerator.  Mission ...FINALLY accomplished! 

And then there was the cat urine smell again ...right when I walked out of the office doors.  Some cat must've marked it's territory.  I told Mr SeaSpray and he said that some shrubs have that odor but I've never noticed it there before.

Ha ha!  I can honestly say that I have never put so much frustrating effort into getting a dessert to someone.  I mean I've mildly burnt some batches of cookies and brownies, burned myself, cut myself when just finishing a fruit salad, unknowingly used old baking soda that produced a flat dessert and I had to start over and I'm sure there's more ...but none of it was as stressful. 

Now I think it's funny though.

Also ...since I stopped working ...I do enjoy baking/making things for people.  It's downright joyful!  And I used to only do it for my former private doctor and also my urologist.  Actually, I've done the most for him and his staff because he has done the most for me.  Any of you that are familiar with my blog know what I'm talking about.  I went through a lot and he helped me, went the extra mile many times and anything I did couldn't possibly compare with the help I received.  And now it seems I am healed!  :)

 Ha!  But if I ever do get back to work on a treadmill lifestyle ...then it will be back to Costco cookies for a thank you.  They do have quality desserts tho, especially at Christmas.  :)

Anyway ...I guess this time ...the smell of CAT URINE was the icing on the cake the stress department that is.  ;)

The second dessert.  The icing was really darker.  I don't know why the top isn't as smooth.  I guess I didn't push the graham crackers far enough in to the cream filling.  This is why I double the icing recipe.  :)

I know some people don't like fruit fillings but I do wonder how an entire layer of fruit right in the middle layer of filling would taste. Why not?  Chocolate covered raspberries and strawberries taste good.  My favorite desserts involve fruit, cakes and creamy fillings.  :)

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