Thursday, August 28, 2014

Painful, Scary Renal Scan .. and Some Laughs too

 The blow from the humpback whale splashed back down on its back

Yeah ...I always laugh when I am grabbing my flank when in exacerbating pain.  About a #6 pain to be almost specific.  No that wasn't funny.  But some other things were ...or so ridiculous that I am laughing in retrospect.  What a day!

Anyway ...on the way home I was pondering how I should write this post.  Should I just write one long post beginning with the elevator ride up to the urology office?  Then write a blow by blow of events?  Who says blow by blow anymore?  Do you ever hear that expression used?  I never do.  Obviously once upon a time I did and it apparently just surfaced from the information long buried in the dark recesses of my mind. Now I'm seeing whales ...which the way ...have nothing to do with my day.  I guess it is because they have blow holes and so ...well can see the connection.

Suffice it to know that I mostly believe I am fine.  I'd feel even better if I didn't feel sore now.  And btw is quite illogical that I could possibly have any kind of stricture because as stated in previous post has been 3 years and 5 months or so since I had the last ureteral stent removed.  What?  N-o-w ureter is gonna say, "Whoa-a-a!  It's been 3 years, 5 months or so since that last stent.  I've worked hard to fight that unwanted, obnoxious scar tissue squatter ...that tried to take up residence so many times.  True ...I have nice accommodations ...but we and I, SeaSpray ...can't have that.  But ...I  must've been daydreaming or something.  Ya can't blame me ...I mean all those lovely  rhythmic peristalsis of smooth muscle tissue in my walls moving your whizzie winkles through must've put me in la-la land.  Oops - sorry SeaSpray."

Nah ...I know that didn't really happen.  But I really have imagined conversations between my internal organs.   I'm not sure what that says about me.  :)  Well that's for another post.

But I digress.

Enough with my inane humor.  Great coping mechanism ..and amuses moi.  :)

I am hoping it was just a mistake but if it was am I gonna have to do it over again?  Seriously!

I am actually quite tired now.  It was a long day and then I shopped at Costo after the test and didn't get in until 9ish.  But we do have some delicious raspberries and strawberries ...and Kirkland paper towels ...and stuff.   I do love Costco.  All is right with the world after shopping there.  :)

Okay ...I will write about the entire day when I return.

The kids are coming over bright eyed and bushy tailed early in the morning.  I am planning a swimming day since the water is warmer now.  It's been so cold that swimming was not doable for at least half of the summer, unless you like swimming with the polar bears.  And even that would be refreshing except we've had cool temperatures during the day and even colder at night.  I didn't even blow up the raft this summer.  Any tan I have is from playing outside with the kids or gardening.  I was bummed tho that we finally had a really hot day and I had to go do the renal scan.  I almost called out a couple of days ago for a health reason and I confess that I really wanted to today just because it was hot and would be a great pool day.  "I'm sorry urodoc ...I can't come in today because it's hot out and I want to go swimming.  I'm sorry hospital ...I am canceling my expensive test today so I can go swimming."  I'd never do that.

Well ...I want to get that bacon on before they get here ...and eggs, so we can get outside early and make the most of the warm weather that we are finally having.  Time to close these baby blues.  :)

And I want to write about the scan while fresh in my mind.  I guess I just didn't want to write thoughtfully tonight.  While I hope it is because she made a mistake ...I hope it didn't cause any damage, etc.  Now that I am still and feeling my flank and bladder is causing me to wonder.  Can't wait to hear from urodoc.  Or actually news is good news.

Okay I can't wait to not hear from urodoc.

Time for bed.  :)

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