Saturday, August 9, 2014

This did NOT make my day.  Ugh!  *SHUDDER*  It was HUGE!  HUGE I tell you!

I casually opened the curtains and then the sliding door ...just like I do most mornings when we have warm weather.  SCREAM!  I did ...SCREAM (just once), when I almost TOUCHED this spider as I was about to grab for the screen door handle.  I have never my entire life been this close to a spider this GINORMOUS and he was on the INSIDE!!!  I've never my entire life seen a spider this big ...anywhere .  I would've measured it ...if I wasn't afraid it would jump at me.  I'd be out cold! 

 Ha!  Forget anesthesia in the OR - just dangle, then drop a big scary, hairy, muscular, spider down onto my chest.  "We're sorry SeaSpray ...but due to hospital budgetary concerns we've replaced the usual anesthesia medications with something more cost effective. We now use BTN, also also known as Back-To-Nature anesthesia.  LOOK u-u-p now. "  ;)  Oh I am so setting myself up for a nightmare tonight.  This definitely is not the post to write before bed.

Gosh it scares me just looking at that spider even now.


What kind of spider is this?  Where did it come from?  And is it a female?  Did she lay eggs?  Inside?

I ask these questions because this week daddy long legs(DLL) spiders are popping up everywhere in the house and I am wondering if one of those laid eggs inside.  Fortunately  ...that is the only spider that doesn't totally freak me out.  Sometimes I can even pick them up by the leg and put them outside if I don't have to hold it for too long.  It's not easy ...but I do try.  Other times I apologize for killing it.  I am near phobic about spiders.  I don't even like the word arachnid.  Just saying.

Anyway these DLLs have walked across the sofa, walked up kitchen window when I opened it and even walked out of my curler bag I left in the bathroom.  I've encountered at lest five of those spiders in the house this week.  Son said they probably just walked inside except I haven't noticed any spider parades going on.  What if there is a family and they have relatives and friends?

After Googling, I learned that daddy long legs can't hurt humans and some people let them stay inside because they eat insects.  I'm not on board with that though.

And regarding the scary spider pictured above ...thankfully younger son was here and removed it for me.  Otherwise I would've just slammed the sliding door shut, waiting for someone to come along and rescue me.  It would've been creepy though ...waiting ..knowing it was there.


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