Monday, August 25, 2014

Time For the Mag III Renal Scan With Lasix (follow-uo) - Revised with pictures

The pictures above are this SeaSpray's view during the renal scan in 2012.  The renal scan pictures always remind me of a galaxy ...far ...far ...away.  :)  I also always try to figure the test out but frankly ...I'm so clueless. I also ask staff but they don't give up any info either.  I can at least deduce that the brightest spots once the lasix is introduced is the urine collecting after the lasix has been given halfway through the test.  The good news is that even though it may slow down a bit in my right kidney always moves all the way through now.  And who knows ...maybe this year the numbers will be even better.  :)

I am supposed to have the Mag III renal scan with lasix on Wednesday.  Supposed to being the operative words.  Something else physically has come up - so stupid really ...but I want to feel good when doing the test.  Hopefully this will resolve by tomorrow morning because I have to decide.  I also would n-e-v-e-r intentionally cancel so close to an appointment unless I had a good reason and also would not cancel a big test so close to the scheduled date.  I am really bummed about this because it also involves a certain amount of psyching myself up to do it and I just want to get past it.  I am still believing for a good report, but admittedly I am always wanting to know what those kidney function numbers are.  They have been going up the last couple of years since 2010.  And I also want to know because at some point - soon hopefully I will be having knee replacements and it is imperative that I never have a relapse that could cause an infection in my body because one orthopedic doctor told me if that happened I would automatically be put on prophylactic antibiotics for 2 years and if new knee got infected would have to come out.

All that being said ..the fact is that my last stent came out on March 17th, 2011.  Since it has now been 5 months and 8 days since said stent was removed and I haven't had any relapses just HAS to mean I am healed.  I would be shocked if it happened now.  A relapse with my right ureter.

But ...I am still glad to get those numbers before surgery.

It took me a long time to believe I was healed.  Truthfully ...even now if I feel certain sensations in certain areas ...relapse goes through my mind but I do move past those thoughts quickly.  I must remember to clarify that with my urodoc.  But I do recall him saying that people with hydronephrosis may always feel some aching.  Which would explain it then.  But I thought that was healing too because if I am recalling correctly my kidney has not stayed enlarged.

Anyway ...I have to decide by tomorrow.
PS - it occurs to me that I had forgotten about posting on my not-so-fun endometrial biopsy experience.

*Mental note made.

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