Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Didn't Mean to Shock Him ...

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...but I am still chuckling even now.

I was also was laughing out loud while driving on the highway back home and didn't care what other drivers thought if they happened to notice. Ha ha!  And I wasn't the only one laughing when it happened.  Actually ...I wouldn't even have known about it if not for the woman that saw it.  :)

So what happened?

I was at the hair salon and I was reclined back in the chair as my stylist was washing my hair.  I was regaling her and the 2 other women at the sink next to me with what has transpired in our house since Sunday with the darned YELLOW JACKETS!  And I was at the point where I was telling them how unexpectedly a bee came buzzing by my hair and ear last night and I ran through the kitchen to get away ....SHRIEKING, "OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!"  And believe me when I tell you I was totally girly shrieking at an extremely ear piercing, high pitch like little girls often do.  You know that pitch that goes right through your ears?  Well evidently my thinking a bee is dive bombing me evokes the same highpitchedgorighthroughyourears sound from yours truly.  I know that shriek jolted Mr SeaSpray.

So ...I reenacted the situation for the women.  While she was washing my hair ..I raised my hands up by my face, palms facing outward and waving frantically from side to side while simultaneously  SHRIEKING, "OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!"  just as if the bee was still chasing me.

However fate would have it ....the salon owner, a very tall ....seemingly calm man ....opened the door from the outside veranda and at exactly the point he stepped inside (directly in front of and close to me), is when I shrieked with my accompanying animation!  I had no idea, but my stylist began cracking up.  I must've really shocked him.  I mean really ...the man was just relaxing on his salon veranda.  But then as he walks back into his workplace ...thinking everything is the status quo, and surely recognizing his familiar client of at least 15 years ...but suddenly said familiar client is animated and shrieking the second he steps inside.  My stylist said it couldn't have been timed any better.   LOL!  LOL!  LOL!  

I wish I could've seen his face.  I'm sure it was a real Candid Camera Moment.  :)  I'm still chuckling, giggling and sometimes my shoulders even heave in laughter.  Maybe it is one of those had to be there moments and know who the people are ...but it was funny.  :)

And I do feel bad that I probably scared him ...but I can't help laughing either.  We all were.

Thankfully he walked away smiling.  :)

LOL!  LOL!  LOL!  

I know ...bad SeaSpray ...BAD!


PS - I didn't mean to take God's name in vain with the OMGs.  I am usually very good about that.  However I did say it.  I have cried out one, "Jesus!", for a in office ureteral stent removal or 2 endometrial biopsies because of the pain and I was inn no way using His name as a swear word ...but rather as, "HELP!"   The ultimate cry for help from the one who could best help me endure at the time.

 I was just so afraid of being stung flew out of me.  (No pun intended.)

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very interesting post! i liked it very much! thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your efforts!

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