Saturday, September 13, 2014

Little Pleasures :)

Pictured above is a little garden  ornament that I've placed to greet people when they walk near the petunia bed.  We all need to be reminded from time to time that there is always hope.  No matter what anyone says never give up on hope.  And then I took a picture last night of Sneakers, our 15 year old cat ...younger son's cat to be specific.

I'm heading out to Costco.  I just love that store.  Everything feels right with the world when I shop there.  I don't know why exactly.  I mean I can think of better places to have fun shopping in.  I guess I like the diversity in choices.  Oh and the quality of the food ..and the organic options too.  The prices don't hurt either.  And lets not forget my beloved Kirkland paper towels and Kirkland tuna fish.  You just have to try their tuna.  If you do you will never go back to the name brands again.  Today I'm focused on cheese and chicken ...among other things.  :)

The kids are staying overnight tonight and so it will be a fun family night.

And I don't want to think about negative things right now.  No news negativity.  Nope - not letting those thoughts in.  Of course the fact that I am stating this means I am thinking about things ...but after this ..that's it!

I'm also in the process of making some important changes in my life ...personal ones.  'Tis a good thing.  :)

Well ...Happy Weekend to all!  :)

PS - And I am embracing the little pleasures of life ...the many little things that we all appreciate during the day.  It's important to experience and appreciate the small pleasures that come our way.  Actually ...I've been doing that during the entire summer.  One thing stands out and I will do a separate little post on that.  Now it's almost fall and their is much to enjoy at this time of year.  :)

La vie est faite de petit bonheaurs.  :)


Jennifer Travis said...

I love your blog, it gives me hope. I have not worked on my blog since moving to Texas 14 months ago. I've been here 14 months and have had 13 kidney stone surgeries. I'm worn out. If I was 20 it wouldn't be so hard (I don't think) but at 66 it takes longer to recover. I'm trying to stay positive. I have recently changed Doctors and hopefully have found a good one this time. We'll see. Please keep posting, it gives me something to look forward to. :-)


SeaSpray said...

Hi Jennifer - I'm sorry to be so long in responding and hope you see this.

I am sorry that you have been through all those surgeries and for kidney stones. That is a lot of kidney stones. And it is the worst pain I have had. I only had the one large one and then 3 smaller ones 2 weeks later after the 1st stent was removed. Are you saying you have had 13 stones removed in only 14 months? It sounds as though you are unable to pass them. Which is the case with me ...hence the OR and then stents. Although since 06 the stents were to keep me open because that 1st stone caused damage to my right ureter. You probably read about my experience.

I am happy to tell you that I have not had any more strictures since the last ureteral stent was removed 3/17/11. BIG deal! Because I avoided the high risk reconstructive surgery. And I never made it past 19 months without a relapse.

I did recently have pain in my renal scan with lasix last month but there was a kink in the foley tube and they also didn't put it down on the side of the table so gravity could facilitate drainage. Although the kink. Urodoc said tests results good but I am still asking why the pain only on that side? And why weren't the results skewed? I will see him in November. I know that my r ureter is naturally more narrow then my left and so maybe that is why.

Anyway ...4 urologists thought I had to have the ureteral reconstructive surgery but thankfully my main urologist worked with me and now here I am surgery and no more stents. So don't give up. I prayed a lot and also read/spoke healing scriptures over myself too.And asked for prayer. I believe in power in prayer. I don't know why some people are healed and others aren't but I am grateful for the times I have been healed. And am also grateful for when God brought me through an illness.

Yes it is harder to recuperate as one gets older. I noticed that with the birth of my 2 sons. I was a lot more tired after my c-section at 33 than I was at 25. But like you said ...stay positive ...and also rest, take care of yourself and hopefully this new doctor will be able to help you. I really like my second urologist so much more than the first one and cannot imagine going thru all that I did with any other doctor.

I went to your blog and then followed some recipes tat I am going to try. Thanks for sharing. and thanks for stopping by. :)

I'm glad you've found some things you enjoyed reading and I hope some helped. I haven't been blogging as consistently as I used to but hope to soon. I keep saying that but I guess life gets busy. And sometimes ..well the news and so much is bad news ...I guess has been distracting. All the more reason to write though as blogging has been cathartic and am glad I had this blog to vent in for much of my urology experiences and some other things. And it's been fun too.

Carolyn Taylor said...

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