Monday, September 29, 2014

Using Great Restraint!

 I like this quote above ...and I usually live with this mindset ...but I confess I am feeling more like the lion in the poster at the end of this post.  :)

I KNOW there are worse things in life.  Believe me ...I do know.  Thankfully ..someone very precious to me did not drown and yes I am going to write about it soon.  Thank God he is safe and just as happy and active as always.  Thank God we can still cuddle with him and share in his enthusiasm for life as seen through the eyes of a 3 year old boy.  Thank God.  (I will share that story soon.  Hopefully it will help prevent an accident like what almost happened with us.)  And the news abroad and now in our country is HORRID.  And that is all I have to say about that ...for now.  My family ...myself included and friends are healthy.  Most have jobs ...which seems like an exceptional blessing when you consider how many cannot get work these days.  So ...there is MUCH to be grateful for.

Gee ...all of the above seems to minimize what brought me to this blog in need of extreme venting ...although ...again restraint ...SeaSpray ...restraint.

So what has me ready to spit nails at certain political leaders?

We have been fortunate to have GOOD insurance that my husband has paid into since we switched to it in 1989 and had planned to retire with it.  We just received notification that while it will still be a PPO and we will still have the benefit of the government aspect of it ...they are switching to another company ...effective January 2015.  They will allow people with a chronic condition a 90 day extension to keep their specialists.  I do not know if the new insurance will cost us more per month.  It already costs more because my husband is retired.  I don't know if it will cover as much ...if the benefits will be as stellar as our current plan.  And I don't know how their UCR reimbursement rates will compare to our current insurance.  Or if the new plan will have the same fast turn-a-round time for provider reimbursements.  I can't find out until next month.

I just checked with my PCP's office and the receptionist said they are considering whether or not they will be staying with the new company.  I thought they were a good company and I would think PPO  is a better branch of it.  But I am sure insurance companies are cutting costs too.  I have to keep restraining myself from saying things I may regret although wholeheartedly believe, even tho it is only just now affecting us.  We've been the fortunate ones in this new insurance quagmire ...thus far.  And will still have it.  Ha!  Although we know that anyone can have insurance but it doesn't mean providers will take it.  RESTRAINING ...RESTRAINING.

I will be so upset if I lose this new PCP that is not only good and also is a specialist in other areas, but I finally am beginning to connect with him because we are getting to know each other and building mutual trust.  That doesn't happen overnight.  Mr SeaSpray likes him too and that is saying a lot because he has an aversion to anything or anyone medical.  I still miss my former PCP of almost 20 years.  I care about my doctors ...the good ones.  I really do.  I appreciate all that they do and am grateful they have been the blessings that they are.  I just don't want to lose them now.  Ever.  :(  And it doesn't mean that I don't know there are other good doctors but I also think having a good rapport with your doctor facilitates better care.  Communication and trust are key.  You can't have that if you have to keep switching around.  Well ...maybe you can ...but from this patient's perspective it feels like just being tossed out into the unknown and hoping there will be a safe landing ...somewhere.

I did go on line Friday night an saw that my urologist participates but I didn't see our specific plan and so that is concerning me.  I called and the receptionist wasn't sure.  But I know I am jumping the gun and just have to wait until I get all the new information.  I still have to check on gyne and orthopedic doctors, but I might as well wait.  Oh and the hospitals.  *SIGH!!!*

And here is where I want to let loose on everything I am thinking about regarding the cause of this change.  And I know that millions of people have been adversely affected by the implementation of the ACA.  I know that for now we are still in a good insurance position.  Well I hope so.  UGH!  I hate waiting!

And believe me I do CARE about everyone losing the insurance they liked ...being forced into plans they didn't want.  Restraining ...restraining.  It's just that if you have a hangnail ...even though that hangnail is little as compared to someone else's catastrophic health issue ...that little hangnail can still really HURT you and you will do what you have to to fix it make the pain go away.

Ugh!  And now I have to rethink and act pn the knee replacement surgery that has been rescheduled so many times - not all my doing ...btw.  But recently ...I did decide that I was putting it off to continue losing weight with the idea that it will be less of a surgical risk and better for post-op/rehab.  The scheduler for the operating doctor said we had a good insurance.  Now I wonder how this new one will compare.  And I am also wondering If I should get other things done now too.  Logic would seem to dictate the affirmative on my last question.

So ...I am hearing my Aunt Janet's voice in my head now ... "Don't borrow trouble before it gets here, Patricia.", "Don't cry over spilled milk ...just clean it up.", "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.", and "Where there is a will there is a way."  Yes ...she really said those things to me and more.  :)

I'll add grateful for the good things we have had have and believe for the best in the future.

Seriously ...still RESTRAINING, RESTRAINING ...and RESTRAINING.  I can only imagine how so many other people ...patients, doctors and other providers feel about the insurance situation these days and with great concern for the future of health care in this country. Ha!  I just deleted some things ...still Restraining.

Okay ...I will just say this.  No.  Not going to now.  I deleted again.

Well ...I do feel a better after having vented a bit.

But ...


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