Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Does a Capped Foley Catheter, a Traffic Jam, Valets MIA and a Bewildered Nurse Have in Common?


A SeaSpray is what.  :)

I'm not going to discuss the specifics of my Mag III with Lasix renal scan experience until I've spoken with my urologist.  But I will share the events leading up to it as soon as I can.

I've been very busy with my grandchildren, an elderly aunt's 81st birthday celebration, Labor Day and enjoying the pool before we close it.  The latter seems like a mini miracle because the weather has been so cool for most of the summer and the water too cold to enjoy.  Cold water is refreshing to swim in but not when the air is also cold.  It was like having fall in the summer.  It was great as far as feeling comfortable but not so great for swimming ...or the tomatoes.

Two nights ago I spent the night in the pool for the first time all summer.  Well not the night.  I mean swam at night.  And last night little Wrenna ...the mermaid and I went night swimming.  She thought that was so special.  We loved it and were laughing so hard as a heavy rain poured down on us while were in the pool.  It came down so hard that it was also splashing back up on us from the water.  It was fun.  :)

And our younger son is moving back home for awhile and so now we have to reorganize, pack and make room again.  All three children will start school tomorrow and all with different schedules.  I will miss having Wrenna around but will have nice one on one time with Myles on some days that he isn't in preschool.

Also, I have a summer project that I've thoroughly enjoyed and want to take a video to share with you when I can.

So far as "What Does a Capped Foley Catheter, a Traffic Jam, Valets MIA and a Bewildered Nurse Have in Common?," and the scan experience .....

To be continued ....

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Just wanted to say that you have a lovely webpage and beautiful and great stuff... With thanks!

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