Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Up Side of a Colonoscopy (No Pun Intended ;)


And yet another way to kill three birds with one stone ...sort of.  Thursday's colonoscopy prep day is gonna be the best calorie control as I bypass all the free food sample vendors at Costco today.   You know how they always have those cheesecake samples and other temptations around the holidays.

"Hey SeaSpray - how did you lose weight?" 

"Oh ...I just schedule out patient tests or procedures that require fasting any time I want to avoid temptation with food.   And as if fasting isn't enough ...there's nothing like a good MOVIPREP to kill one's desire to eat and I don't mean preparing to go to the movies either." :)

"Hello?  Dr Colonoscopy?  I need to lose more weight.  So can we please schedule another colonoscopy?  Great ...Looking forward to it!  See you then."  :)

What?  Doesn't everyone look forward to their colonoiscopy?   Okay ...maybe not a colonoiscopy but surely a colonoscopy?

Oh and I also have to see my PCP for a routine check up next Tuesday.  And just like it is the law of the universe that everyone entering even one foot into a urology office will have to give a urine sample there is also that O-T-H-E-R law of the universe which states you will be weighed every-single- time you set foot in the private doctor's  office.  Heck they chase you down the halls until you agree.  You will never leave that office with out first stepping on their scale. The doors go on lock down until you allow yourself to be weighed.  I know.  Believe me ...I've tried to escape. 

Anyway occurs to this SeaSpray that another upside to this colonoscopy is that it is happening close to my next pcp appointment and thus I will have an additional boost in weight loss.

So let's see ...getting this colonoscopy now will aid in...

1. The ability to refuse tempting foods which also just happens to facilitate weight loss

2.  Said colonoscopy prep/procedure facilitates even more weight loss prior to the private doctor appointment.

3.  Oh right!  It's good preventative health care.

Gee ...that's a WIN - WIN - WIN!

 And now you know the upside of a colonoscopy.

Just Saying.  :)
I meant to put this up this morning ..well ...yesterday morning now.   I have eight hours to go until surrender time.  I still get squirrelly over that ...the surrendering my awareness thing, I mean.  I still hate NPO.  I am ridiculously thirsty even though I've had so much to drink.  It's psychological.  Take my food but ...please... not  my water.

Oh well .  It will be bottoms up before I know it. :)

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