Friday, December 12, 2014

A little URI Whine ...Some Concern ...a Near Miraculous Surprise

The Whine:  For the love of God ...and I'm praying to him too, is there ANYTHING else on this planet besides hot water, lemon and honey that will stop that darned dry tickle/cough that sets me into a coughing fit?????  And don't tell WhiteCoat, but I am going in to see the doctor tomorrow to beg for antibiotics.  Heck, I've been FANTASIZING about a Z-PAK for two days now.  And I know if it's a virus that antibiotics won't work.  I also know that we shouldn't take antibiotics if not necessary because we want them to work when we really need them.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  After all's the Christmas season now and there is just so much going on and to get done.

I can't BELIEVE I got another URI ...AGAIN!  Only this one is wiping me out.

The Concern:  I also wonder if it has anything to do with my getting cortisone injections in both knees.  I tried to resist, stating that I heard that cortisone can stay in the adrenal glands for a year and it can also compromise the immune system, causing people to be at more risk for infections.  He emphatically stated, "That's NOT true!"  So then I told him that that my regular orthopedic doctor gave me cortisin injections in the summer of 2009 and they didn't work well at all.  That is why I moved on to the Synvisk and Orthovisk injections.   As he walked over to get what he needed, he then countered with, "That was 2009."   I could see that he was going to give me those injections and so I reluctantly acquiesced ...even I secretly hoped he was right about the cortisone.

The Near Miraculous Surprise:  I am so SURPRISED at the favorable response I have had to getting the cortisone injections.  So much so that I have often looked upward and asked God if he was giving me some kind of miracle.  Yes ...I know the doctor gave me cortisone but I am telling you that I have not felt this good since before the summer of 2009.  And even if God didn't give me a direct healing of some kind, he still facilitates healing through physicians and medicine.

But to be clear ...I still have pain ...and my walk is not that bouncy ...girl on a mission stride I had because I do have bone on bone osteoarthritis and I am still a candidate for bilateral knee replacements.  Well ...unless God gives me a total healing and I'm not going to limit God.  :)

I just wrote a lot telling you just how bad it has been for me pain wise so that I can contrast the incredible improvement I am currently experiencing, but it is too late for me to proofread all of that now and so I will share about that in a different post.

I feel so much better than I ever did with any pain meds or the Synvisk and Orthovisk injections.  I was shocked one night  when I realized that I hadn't even thought about taking any Tramadol that day.  And I had a very active day.  I exclaimed to Mr SeaSpray, "It's 3 in the morning and I never thought even once to take any Tramadol!  I can't believe it!"  It's been a few weeks now and I have only taken it 3 times.  That just does not happen ...not for years.

And it is not that I don't have any pain, but compared to what I have been enduring these last few years's just so much better by comparison.  I get out of bed easily in the morning.  I can bring my knees way up to my stomach in bed like a normal person.  I couldn't even move my legs in bed without great pain because they were so stiff.  I do want to share all of it and then you'll understand why I feel like I had some kind of healing miracle.  And I don't mean to use the word miracle so loosely but it just feels that way too me.

And I do not understand why these cortisone injections worked when they didn't even before my knees got as bad as they did?  Why do the recent cortisone injections work better than the expensive Synvisk and Orthovisk?  I can't believe that sometimes I catch myself walking around and I realize I forgot about knee pain for a few hours.  I smile throughout the day when I realize I forgot about the pain ...and I haven't taken any pain medicine.

What did this doctor do differently?

I could be wrong, but I remember thinking he had the bandaids on my knees at a different angle than my regular orthopedic doctor.  Did this doctor go in at a different trajectory?  I have to know.  I'm not supposed to see him again until spring, but I just have to ask him and so I want to go in before that.  I hope the injections last.  I hope I did get some kind of a miracle.  Time will tell.

This has been a most exciting and welcome surprise for me.

To be continued...

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