Thursday, March 26, 2015

Healing By the Hour

"In the happy moments - praise God. In difficult moments - seek God. In the quiet moments - trust God. In every moment - thank God."  ~ Author unknown

Things are better ...but I am wondering.

 I really thought I'd be heading over to the ER twice last night.  I was especially concerned when I was feeling quite nauseated while the flank pain exacerbated despite the percocet and at that point I also had pyridium in me too. I could also feel my right kidney with every step forward with my right leg and pressure in my rlq.

I am so very grateful that my urologist prescribed meds for the UTI.  I will be having a follow-up visit with him after I finish the medication and am feeling better from this awful upper respiratory infection.  And since my immune system is compromised at the moment I am really glad to have avoided the hospital.  I really would not want to have to go to a place where super bugs could be residing and looking for some vulnerable patient to hitch a ride onto.   Just saying.

Anyway, I appreciate that my doctor followed up with a phone call this morning, checking to see how I was doing.  And also informed me of potential symptoms to be seen for if they occurred.  I told him I felt much better and that was true.  Then after said conversation, drinking water caused me to feel nauseated but I also wonder if it is the medication.

I remember the first time a ureteral stent was removed (with the first urologist) and that night 3 tiny kidney stones caused another block.  I kept drinking water to try to help the situation but that water ended up coming back up.  Also when I did have the most serious stricture ...probably undetected for months, I never had any issues with drinking water, i.e., feeling nauseated or pressure.  Maybe kidney stones cause the water to come back up.  And ...admittedly with the symptoms I have had since last night ...I am wondering about the possibility of a kidney stone.  But unless my ureter has been miraculously widened, a kidney stone would have to be seriously lubed up to pass through that ureteral corridor.  As a matter of fact the pressure of a stone well oiled passing through said narrow corridor would cause it to shoot out like a rocket.  I can hear the medical staff now ..."Take cover!  INCOMING!"  ;)

I do ache but NOTHING like last night.

When all these symptoms began to occur, I looked up contemporary praise and worship music on You Tube and let that play throughout the house to encourage my faith that everything was going to be alright.  I believe that positive words and music can cleanse the atmosphere and set the tone for good outcomes.  Earlier in the day I played a message from Joel Osteen, entitled, "Your Words Become Your Reality."  Actually, I played it three times.  :)  I highly recommend Joel's sermons and I always come away from his website feeling so encouraged and uplifted.  :)

So, even in the writing of this post ...I am mindful of not allowing myself to get into fear about this urology concern and am believing for the best and that it probably is just a urinary tract infection that I allowed to go to far before calling my doctor.  I should have known better but I was just feeling so weak ...which of course could have really backfired because the urinary infection was probably also exacerbating said weakness.  I won't make that mistake twice.

I chuckle when I think of my clearly telling the urology receptionist that I did not have any flank pain on either side and then an hour and a half later ...I sure did have flank pain.  I remember saying the same thing when I had UTI symptoms in June 2008 and then that night I ended up in the ER with major flank pain, etc., and so I think I just have to stop saying that.  Never again shall I tell a urology receptionist that I don't have flank pain.  Just don't say it.  Murphy's law and all.  :)

Thank you to anyone who prayed for me that may've seen my prayer request in the previous post.  :)

Here is a link to Joel Osteens sermon about the power of our words:

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