Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prayer Please!!! :(

I am experiencing about a 5/6 r flank pain right now.

I realized I was getting a uti yesterday morning.  By afternoon - late afternoon ...I began bleeding in urine and with some clots.  I would have called yesterday and should have but I also just came down with a horrible cold since Monday and feeling so weak and drained from that. I finally just got myself in the shower before 5 today.  All I want to do is lie down.  I could've seen my doctor today but I just was too weak to get dressed because of the upper respiratory infection.  I told receptionist that  That I did not have any flank pain on either side.  And 10 minutes ago this started.  Thankfully I do have Percocet.  I have been taking one to help with the aching and urgent feelings un my bladder and the flank pain is coming through that.  But I only took one at 2pm and so I will take another.  It takes my breath away.

I have been healed of the r. ureteral stricture for four years.  The last stent came out on March 17, 2011.  That says healed to me.

Please pray that this us just a UTI and no more.  And for the pain to leave and to just heal of everything.  I always have and still do believe in the power of prayer.

Thank you.  :)


ChrysalisAngel said...

Seaspray, I'm sorry you are having this. I haven't been around for some time and was unaware of how you were doing. I do hope you were able to get into the doctor's and get tested for infection. I hope things will have improved by the time you get this.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -I didn't get tested because urodoc called in prescriptions but will be following up. I can't wait to feel better so I can find out about this. I don't have the colic any more and am improving - thank God. Coughing spasms ridiculous. If I was admitted - I'd be shooting the foley cath right across the room with this coughing. ;)

Thank you for your kind words. Miss you in this corner of the blogosphere. :)