Monday, May 25, 2015

A Mundane, Simple Things ...Mostly Girly Post :)

Okay ...I'm not obsessive.  I'm not Obsessive.  I'm not obsessive. 

I'm not.

Just because I had to force myself into the shower after midnight - actually 12:33 to be exact.  And I was so tired. 

I blame it on the bed sheets.  It's their fault they are so clean, crisp, and newly placed on our bed.  Well ...alright ...I put them on the bed..  And ...I have this thing that I like being freshly showered after putting clean sheets on the bed.  It just feels s-o-o-o good.  :)

But ...I'm not totally obsessive about it because even if I have a morning shower I will sleep on clean sheets.  It's just that my favorite way is with an evening shower on clean sheet day.  But not after midnight.

So ask ...why did you shower so late?

Because I was really busy doing things around the house today and then I knew I had to go up in the attic to find an MIA summer clothing bag after younger son declared that there weren't anymore summer clothes bags up there.  Of course I knew he was wrong ...just like I knew the Christmas lights were indeed up there.  And we have great drop down stairs but with knee pain and my phobia ...I really have to be in the mood to go up there.  It was pure determination that motivated me to go up there tonight.  And sure enough ...I found the bag.  It was the big bag black with the white paper ducked taped to it that on blue marker, said "Summer clothes 2015"  and that it was exactly where I keep the seasonal clothes.

Anyway ...I didn't want to go up into the attic when I should have because I wanted to listen to Aaron Klein on streaming radio between 7-9.  He is only on on Sunday nights and I totally respect and appreciate his reporting.  If only the news outlets and other journalists did investigative reporting like he does.  And I include FOX in that mix.  But I digress.

Unfortunately for me ... I s-o-o-o was not in the mood to go up there and so I stalled until about 11:30 pm.  And that was stupid because I was just prolonging the inevitable. 

Then ...with the attic mission accomplished I decided I would just do a fast, get-it-over-with shower.  But for some reason I decided I didn't want to shower with the lights on, but instead by the low light of these little battery operated stars I placed in a glass vase with shells and beachy things that I put together.  The star light reminds me of moonlight.  After all ...if I had to shower this late, then moonlight was more relaxing ...even if I couldn't see as well.

However, once in the shower I decided to take a spa shower using my favorite spa products for my hair and body.  And I just love rinsing my hair with what I think of as a waterfall spray.  Which was okay in the moonlight type light.  Of course I also decided since I was all in with this that I might as well shave but this light was not conducive to it.

 Basically I shaved by braille.  What could go wrong?   Fortunately I didn't end up with psycho tub. ;)

After getting out of the shower I wrapped my hair in a big towel.  Then, to my utter dismay I saw that when I put the clean towels up I didn't put my hair towel up and so now I had used my bath towel for my hair.  What to do?  What to do?  I put the light on and because the laundry had gotten backed up from when I was ill last week, the only towels left in the closet were some hand towels.  Great.  So I dried myself with a hand towel.

Shower mission accomplished, I opted to sit here and write this post because I can't go to bed with wet hair.  Well I could ...but would rather not.  And I avoid using hair dryers and curling irons on my hair so it will stay soft and shiny.  What we women do!  I always say this but men have it so easy.  Shave - don't shave - they can do what they want.  They don't fuss with makeup and hair.  Well okay maybe hair.  But basically as they get older with grey hair or lines, they just get distinguished.  Women can get haggard if they don't take care of themselves.  It's s-o-o-o not fair!  Just saying.  :)

I'd rather watch TV but I know that if I do, I will eat things I don't want to eat because I am hungry. 

I have found typing to be non caloric and so I am really trying to just air dry my hair here.  ;)  And I absolutely know that I will weigh less tomorrow if I don't eat so late because I have been trying and also have been active.  I have goals that I've set and I really want to succeed.

Oh no!  It seems that my dog is passing gas behind me or there is a skunk just outside and the smell is wafting in through the a/c vents.  Ugh!  ANOTHER non caloric appetite suppressant!

And on that note  - good night!

 P.S.  And now I really am happy that I will be all silky soft and clean on the new sheets.  It feels so good and is so relaxing.  :)  The only thing that could make the experience any better would be if the sheets had been line dried.  The scent of line dried sheets is the best.

 Hmmm... now I want line dried sheets.  I'm kidding! 

P.P.S.  Oh yeah ...I never did write about my one phobia (or did I?) ...genuine ...although I'm not sure if there are degrees to it.  I will have to check my posts. 

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