Thursday, June 11, 2015

Phone Messages, Divine Coincidence and Other Stuff

Micro Cassette

"Hello?  Dr H?  I'm calling to say that I have hemorrhoids.  Can you see me IMMEDIATELY?!"

OMG!  What the heck?!  I busted out loud laughing when I heard this message on my answering machine this morning.  And by an apparently confused woman.   My thoughts were racing through my brain at lightening fast speed as I imagined what this woman was like and how patients can get confused when trying to reach the medical staff.  I also thought that perhaps she was close to the doctor to be able to assume she could call him directly but then dismissed that because she apparently called the main number ...which then caused me to again think ..she's confused.

 This doctor has a phone number similar to mine and so I occasionally get his calls.

However it was clear with the next sentence it was my friend Donna, playing a prank on me.  Ha ha!  She actually was calling his office and mistakenly called me.  Although ...I say it was a Divine Coincidence which I shall explain in a moment.  :)

So ...I decided to call her later in the afternoon and I pretended to be one of her doctor's receptionists.  Of course I don't know any of their names and so I didn't identify myself.

Her answering machine activated, but she also picked up and so I waited.  To disguise myself I used a very soft spoken voice and said, "Hello Donna? This is Dr. H's office returning your call.?"  "Uhhh ...I don't THINK s-o-o-o?  I " ...and right then and there I couldn't contain myself and so I again busted out laughing because I just couldn't continue the charade.  DARN!   And then she busted out laughing as well because I got her with my little return prank. Oh how I wish I could've kept it going!  :)  I was afraid she'd see my name on her caller ID but then I didn't see hers when she called.

This friend is one of the funniest people I know matter what is going on in her life.  She could be going through something just awful and I will be laughing because she is just so darned funny.  She knows I care and she just can't stop with the humor.  :)  We both went through a phase (in the late 80s and early 90s), in which we left funny answering machine messages.  My personal favorite of mine was when I answered as FiFi DuFufon, the French maid for the SeaSpray family.  In the middle FiFi let out a high pitched,  "OOPS! Now flambé!"  (The best line ever - says moi. :)  And it ended with my singing a little bit of a few French songs.  What can I say ...FiFi was um ...spirited. ;)  Our lawyer really liked my FiFi message.  :)  She did a fabulous Spanish maid on hers, which I played for an ER doctor at work.  Then he left an equally hilarious message on hers.  :)  Anyway ...there were all kinds of messages.  I don't know about her friends and family but I can say that they sometimes wore thin with mine when they heard it for the umpteenth time and they just wanted someone to pick up the phone.  :)  I know I've written about this before but talking with her has stirred up some fun memories.

But I digress.

Regarding the Divine coincidence turns out she is going through a significant challenge with something she has to do ad I was able to encourage her by reminding her of how she prevailed in a similar situation and how gifted she is in dealing with something like this.  She became inspired with an idea I suggested, reminding her how well she did in the past and she can do it again because she IS good with these things.  And she appreciated other suggestions to gather/present facts, etc.  I can't wait to hear how it turns out.  Together with God, I am certain she will do well and have a good outcome.

I haven't spoken with her in forever ...since she moved away.  Well ...once.  I'm thrilled she wants to come up for a visit and talk on the Adirondack chairs, just like we used to do so many years ago.  I told her I will cook some of her favorite things.  I just have to get through some things this month and a renal scan on July first.  That's another post.  Ha!  I know I often say, "That's another post.", and then I don't write them.  There are reasons.  Maybe someday I will be honest and share what is distracting me so much.  I'll see.

Anyway ...I just love Divine Coincidences.  :)

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