Monday, July 13, 2015

Today - MY First Day of Summer

This is an older picture for sure.  (Sons and granddaughter)  Our little first born granddaughter in this pic will be going into high school in the fall.  Boy time sure does fly by.  ;)

It is now official.  My first day of summer is today.  This is because today is the first day that I actually floated on the raft and frolicked and exercised in the pool.  Now it feels like summer.  :)

Keeping the pool warm has been a challenge because we have had so many cloudy days and cool/cold nights.  And when we did have hot weather I wasn't able to swim in the pool because of other activities.  I have gone in a few times with the kids but today was my official fun in the sun (pour moi :) pool day.  YAY!

I have been outdoors a lot though.  Every chance I get.  :)

Also the past I have written about how writing is a passion of mine ...thus blogging was so much fun.  I just don't know why , but I am having such a hard time trying to write anything ...anywhere.  I want to.  Sometimes I sit down to write because I do have things I would share ...but then I just go blank.

Actually ...I have a LOT on my mind.  I think that is the reason for my writers block.  I feel like I am in an emotional fight or flight state.  And so I freeze.  Once upon a time I was going to write a post about this ...fight or flight ...what kind of person are you if there is an imminent threat?  I know which one I am with a bit of a twist to it.

But I digress.

I need to get outside to water the gardens and maybe plant a little before it becomes SeaSpray versus the kamikaze mosquitoes.  :)

It sounds like such a little thing ...floating on a raft and swimming in the pool.  But I still feel good from doing those things and am going back in after gardening.  I LOVE night swimming too.  :)

Okay ...I am going to try to write another post later.  Maybe I'll tell you why the police officer was smiling when he rounded our fence to come see me after investigating a 911 call.  What a crazy making day that was.  :)

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