Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The tease ...and stuff :)


"Either you're a very nice person or your making fun of me.", said the smiling police officer as he rounded our fence, continuing to walk up our driveway to speak with me.  To be continued ...because right now, Hi Ho!  Hi Ho!  To Costco I go!  :)  I know, I'm teasing you now.

I really have to get there because I just found out that we are having our first born son's party here tomorrow night and I have much to do.  It's a bit far to drive for only fruit, eggs, bacon, bread and sauce, but I know I can count on their fruit.  I am surprising him with a pretty fruit salad in a carved watermelon with yummy fruit dip to go with it.  I bought 2 for one blueberries in a local store this week and I now know why they were on sale.  Mr. SeaSpray bought cantaloupes at 99 cents a piece and they don't have any flavor.  Don't you just hate that?  So, like I said the trip to Costco is worth it for the fruit alone.  And I am determined to stick to my list.

Actually, I did write most of the police officer post last week but I am going to cut out the part of the story that led to the stress that led to my actions that caused his visit.  It's a bit embarrassing and also long ...although funny, says me.  ;)  Not that the embarrassing and long has stopped me in the past.  Suffice it to know that it was just one of those crazy if it can go wrong days will and it did. :)

I also have some good news.  Double good news actually.  Great news with one thing, particularly given all I've written in this blog over the years.  But for now ...Hi Ho! Hi Ho! I really have to go! ;)

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