Monday, January 11, 2016

Surreal and Alarming Saturday - Surreal Monday

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Why you ask?

Because this past Saturday my son and I were baffled by what sounded like people in a shootout in our neighborhood.

Talk about starting 2016 off with a bang.

We didn't know what to think.

Then he looked out the window and saw that our neighbors had a huge fire right behind their house.  I mean really close and the flames were expansive, licking upward, higher then the chimney.  Did I say they were huge?

Son called 911, but someone else had already called it in.  The neighbor and her son were walking down our lane and so she must have called and at that point was looking for the firetrucks.  They got here in 15 minutes, which is pretty good timing for volunteer fire departments, but it seemed like an eternity while waiting.  Actually, the police arrived first.  They usually do, even with the ambulance calls.  At least 3 local towns responded.  God bless the volunteer fire departments.

The heat from the fire came right inside at us when we opened our back windows, and that was from across the pond.  We could see the framing of their shed in the middle of the flames.  Ammo must've been stored in the shed which would account for the popping/exploding sounds.

Thankfully it had rained a bit and things were damp and the breeze was blowing away from the house.  There are a lot of trees in the area, so it could've been a lot worse.  The fireman got it all contained and put out.  I'll add that some angels must've been busy too.

Thankfully there was minimal damage to the back of the house as compared to what could've happened.  And most importantly, no one was hurt.

They later told me it was caused by a propane heater in the shed that he thought had shut off and must've been faulty.

Again, thank God they are all alright and it was contained.

It was surreal on Saturday and still is today.  I mean to have this major, serious event not far from your house and today's just another ordinary, sunny January day and like none of it ever happened.  We never know what will happen from one day to the next and so should be grateful for all the good moments and make the most of them

I really need to heed my own advice.  :)

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