Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm Back! Hijacked!! Feeling Violated, Vulnerable and Uneasy

Boy was I shocked and upset when I decided to blog tonight, only to discover that my blog had been hijacked. It kept sending me to some website that would accept bids for this domain ...or something like that.  They say your life flashes before you in an instant when you are about to die.  Well favorite blog posts were flashing before me at lightening speed.  I felt sick about having lost my favorite posts.  I used this blog during my journey through some of the most difficult times of my life.  It was cathartic.  Sometimes I used humor and other times I poured my heart out.  I always said I would print the important posts.

I wrote about my past, my mother declining in health and dying, my best friend ill and dying, the whole urology journey with multiple stents, procedures and tests and resisting the high risk surgery.  My theory for why the kidney spasms after a stent removal.  (I was always going to add a part two to that but never did.  Hmmm.)  And who knew that urine could be so much fun to write about. ;)  I'm just saying.  :)  The point is a lot of my heart and soul has gone into this blog. The Christmas posts and family.  So many things would've been lost.  And even if I remembered everything, it wouldn't be the same because I wouldn't be in the moment ...that moment I felt inspired.

 I began blogging on November 13, 2006.  I know I've slowed down quite a bit but have been getting ready to write some more.  There are reasons for why I have been MIA in here.  But, it's 01:30 and I want to get some sleep.  I will come back tomorrow.

Oh for some reason, I can't get a new browser to open up.  I can't click on any of my screen icons to get into a new screen.  I can open screens under a different user though.  ???  So now I wonder if I have some kind of malware/virus in my system.  Also, the computer seems to be running non stop and the fan is loud. 

Thankfully my son was able to remove the code that took over my blog.  We accessed it by signing into google and I was so relieved to see everything still there.  He thinks I must've agreed to something online or clicked on a site that could activate the hijacking.  I have no idea what could've happened.  And actually, I haven't been in my blog, so I don't know why it happened now. 

This is so disturbing and just wrong.

But, I am grateful that my son was able to fix it.  So there is that to be happy about.

Also, the post in which I was writing about the "C" word (cop) was accidentally posted ...with errors and all.  It was just a rough draft and I wasn't going to tell the whole story.  I think it's funny.  It is embarrassing, but long.  So I was just going to tell the part from Dunkin' Donuts to home.  So maybe I will just write one long post ...the corrected version.  I'll see.

I have to say ...I feel violated, vulnerable and uneasy about this.  Why do people have to be so malicious?  And I wonder if they could've gotten my confidential banking and tax information?  Is my blog safe now?  I have such a complicated password that it will take effort to enter even while looking at it on paper.  And I will change it often.  This was just plain creepy.  And malicious.

But ...focus on the good SeaSpray.  Focus on the good.

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