Friday, March 11, 2016

Lunch Date - About That Stent

 Urinary Tract “Double J” Stent

"So SeaSpray ...when are you getting another stent so we can go out to lunch again?"

I enthusiastically stated, "You can go with me on KNEE INJECTION DAY!  I will be doing that soon."  :)


She asked me this question the other day, after we had finished a lengthy conversation about other things?  Too funny.  She accompanied me on my last two renal scans.  Having a good friend come along always turns the test day into a fun day, even if I do have to sport a foley catheter on the way to the hospital.

And about that stent.

March 17th will be my five year anniversary since the last ureteral stent was removed.


5 YEARS!!!  :)

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