Friday, April 15, 2016

An Odd, Rambling Post Demonstrating My PFP (Proficiency For Procrastination)

In Praise of Procrastination
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What is the common denominator for emancipation, tax day, loss of loved one, procrastination, Elizabeth Taylor, a YUGE, hairy, muscular spider, makeup, 911, makeup, rhyming, fun housework, fur balls, Cruella De Vil, an arsonist, stick people, subs - best subs ever, Keurig coffee machines and PFP?

Read the following post and you will find out.  Or ...if you know me you can cut to the chase and figure it out.  :)

I'm in tax day hell.  Well ...I haven't even started yet.  This is because I am still going supposed to be going through receipts, records, etc., but I'm not.  And I have been home many days.  Of course this is predictable ..for decades now.  It is what I do.  Except this year is the absolute worst for my focusing on what I need to do.  It's all pretty basic but I find myself doing everything and anything but working on the tax stuff.

I even missed being with my mom the last week she was alive because I was working on the taxes ...and then also got a bit nauseated ...every day. It was after I drank the cat water.  I don't recall if I ever posted on that. It was funny, although not in the moment of realization.  Anyway, the nausea was like when I was pregnant, but I wasn't.  I could've gone tho, but just thought I would go the next day and so on.  She died, unexpectedly later that week.  She had been doing so much better that week before and when we saw her on Easter, I wasn't worried.  Well aside from all the usual concern and sadness one feels as they see their elderly parent declining.  I had actually felt encouraged by her being more alert and communicative during the week leading up to Easter.  Sunday night will be the seven year anniversary of her death.  I miss her so much.  And I have guilt that I didn't go in to see her during the week days that last week.  I missed 3 weeks in 6 months and the last was the week she died.  It was what it was.  I even had warnings ...really strong thoughts about my going to see her but I chalked it up to guilt.  One happened when I walked passed a floral picture on the wall that she gave us.  Another was when I was going through the paperwork I had from the local funeral home containing her obituary info and the forms for Mr. SeaSpray and me, that we still have to do.  On that Monday night  I was sitting at the kitchen table and I felt this foreboding feeling when I lifted up the funeral home envelope, which I again chalked up to guilt.  Death wasn't anywhere on my radar, not even about Mom.

NOW, I know to pay attention to that feeling.  *Sigh*

I don't know why I am thinking of these things again.  Sure, I always miss her but this year I am really FEELING it.  And not for tax time avoidance.  I guess it is just how life is sometimes.

I am grateful that the actual tax day (when they are due) is not until Monday, April 18th.  Too bad I heard that or I would've been done for today.  But give me that inch and I'm going for the mile when it comes to procrastination.

I googled the 2016 Tax date just to verify the information.  It is true.  If tax day falls on the weekend you have until the following Monday.  But the 15th this year is on a Friday.  It turns out that April 15th in Washington D.C. celebrates Emancipation day.  Interesting. 

Two hours ago I decided to play with my new makeup.  I almost did something I have never done before.  But since I have all this paperwork to do, well totally makes sense to put your makeup on like Cleopatra.  I've always wanted to do that.  Years ago, when I had bangs, some people told me I looked like Cleopatra.  I took it as a compliment, but come to think of it ...she'd be really OLD now.  Hmmm.  I was going through an almost black hair color phase (Only because I suck at applying hair color quickly and I put a cap over it when not supposed to because it was heat reacting and left it on longer than supposed to. What could go wrong?) and that is how I got the nickname at work, for awhile.  And at a wedding, the following summer, my friend's mom thought I looked like Elizabeth Taylor when she portrayed Cleopatra. I don't look like Elizabeth Taylor. Well maybe around the eyes and brows when wearing makeup.  I should have lavender eyes ..wouldn't that be nice?  Anyway, today, I got the idea to go for that extreme look ..for fun.  But then I thought about taking it all off and so just opted to play with the new colors and products I got.  After all ...a girl can't do her taxes without makeup on.  Right?

And that is when I saw this really YUGE spider run by.  No one was home to rescue me and so it was up to ME to catch this thing. Or look away.  Of course it had to be the YUGE muscular, hairy kind of spider that I fear.  Seriously, a snake could slither by and I would calmly say, "Oh look ...a snake,"  I would pick the snake up.   (Well not if a Cobra or Rattle snake.)  But one of these spiders and I am ready to sound the alarms and have a total lockdown, but we don't have that capability here.  I thought about calling 911 ...but then figured they might not appreciate my call.  Ha ha!  "Hello-o-o ..911?  Help!  There is a YUGE, hairy, muscular spiderLOOSE in my house and I'm all alone.  Help!"  A SeaSpray can dream.  ;)  He ended up ...I'm being sexist.  How do I know he isn't a she spider?  Well ..he-she spider busted through my paper towels and made a lightening fast run for it to where I can't get he-she spider.  Perish the thought that YUGE, hairy, muscular spider will run right across my feet ..or up my body while I am working on the taxes.  Why that thought is enough to cause a SeaSpray to lose her concentration and NOT do the taxes until she feels safe again.

on this day
and much to my dismay...
I hate to say...
I'm on my way...
not to play...
or go further astray...
but to jump into
the paperwork fray. 

Yes, in my procrastination imagination I just know all the various receipts and other records of interest are crazy-animated, all just mixing it up with each other on the tables and in the baskets.  Oh wait.  I did that.  Boy, it's a good thing that I am not an arsonist because the temptation would be too great.  just saying.

And now, a SeaSpray has to do what a SeaSpray has to do.

P.S.  After writing this, I decided to look at some pictures of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra and have decided that I am going to go for that dramatic makeup look before the weekend is over.  Of course I'm not in my 30s anymore and may end up looking like Cruella De Vil, the scary cartoon one.  :)

P.P.S.  Isn't it weird how cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the floor, scrubbing the tub and cleaning up cat fur balls suddenly looks like more fun than doing tax paperwork?  Just an observation.

P.P.P.S.  I also announced to family that there would be no cooking until I got my work done.  It's a good thing I didn't say this at the beginning of the month or we'd all look like stick people by now.  Thankfully,  Mr SeaSpray picked up some subs from the best place ever.  Mine is an eggplant, mozzarella, roasted red peppers with balsamic vinegar on semolina bread with seeds sub.  I will thoroughly enjoy that sub.  Of course then I might begin to feel tired and not so alert from all the carbs. but no worries because ...H-e-l-l-o-o-o you wonderful Keurig coffee machine.  :)

So I excel  at PFP or what? 

Give me an inch and I will take FIVE miles.  ;)

Common denominator?

C'est moi!  :)

* Here's the thing.  With PFP still always know you have to do what you don't want to do.  It hangs over you, creating a low key misery of denial that takes up residence within until you once and for all just DO it.  No worries.  I will soon be on fire with being in the zone and nothing else will exist when I am.  True.

Is their an ICD-10 code for PFP?

Just wondering.  ;)

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