Friday, April 8, 2016

OMG! and Follow-Up

Hunched over with left hand on left flank - Pain = 8!  SERIOUSLY?!

01:02 -Update:  No big deal.  Oh it was at the time.  Admittedly the moment I was thinking kidney stone.  It seemed to start like that but ended up like one major kidney spasm.  The first time I had that was February 22, 2006.  It was memorable for many reasons and it was a memorable two days.  And I did have other ones while stented and not stented.  Not a lot - but enough to have me get CT's and also ...I even went to a gastro doc.  No one could ever tell me what they were.  The worst was right after Mom died - the next month - May, 2009 because it felt like bilateral kidney spasms and across low back.  And the first time I had that low back heaviness/awful ...awful sensation was just after a stent had been removed and I was having my first Mag III renal scan.  I thought I'd pass out and was so glad someone was in the room with me and she put a cool cloth on my forehead.  

Anyway ...I have been stent free for over 5 years now and believe I am healed in my right ureter because ...well ...FIVE years since my last stent.  YAY.  I did think I had a significant UTI but it all passed before I  could get to the doctor.  So, I am guessing it could not have been a UTI.  And my left side wasn't bothering me.  The problems were on the right.  But I am good now.  Double YAY.  :)

Also this afternoon (Yesterday now) between 1:30 and 4:30 pm, I could NOT get warm.  I put on really warm, cozy pajamas, turned up the heat and stayed under a quilt and just couldn't warm up.  But no fever and certainly no shaking as in bad chills.  I absolutely know ...100% know that I should call the urologist if that happened.  I am talking the kind of chills to the bone that you literally shake, can't hold things or do anything and I know what that is and this wasn't that.  But maybe I am just wrestling with a little bug or something.  Except ...I feel fine.

Anyway - all is well.  Well ...except for the predictable ...annual ...undercurrent of stress that I am now feeling because I know I have to do-the-TAXES

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