Thursday, May 5, 2016

OH Deer!


Photo Credit Link

I have to say this is a first for me.  I've never seen deer on the beach.  Three deer ran into the ocean when they became spooked by the people walking toward them. You can check out the rest of the story on the photo credit link provided above.  Also, the second picture enlarges and its pretty neat seeing all of the deer running into the water.  Obviously they can swim.  Thankfully, the last one was able to get out of the riptide.

I have a lot of happy memories at the beach house and on that beach.

I can still see Iris and me frolicking in the water and hanging out on the beach.  We did that ever since we were teenagers.  And as adults.  The last time I was on vacation there was with my own family, back in 2005.  Like I said many happy memories.  :)

This picture is evoking so many memories and strong feelings.

Anyway, I (Iris) would get a kick out of this article.  I can almost hear her laughing and excitedly talking about it.

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