Saturday, May 28, 2016


So today, I had this medical appointment to go to.

After using our bathroom, and while washing my hands ...I realized that I did not pull my airy/flowy skirt down in the back.  It was tucked up into my panties.  Not all the way.  It was covering me to my thighs.  But the excess fabric definitely got hung up back there.  No big deal.  I pulled it back down and went on my way.

I used the bathroom at the uro office and then left said office soon after that.  Then I went to Costco.  And then home again.

As I was about to leave to go to a friend's house, while washing my hands ...I realized that my skirt was up in the back ...AGAIN.

Then I had this God awful thought.

Is it possible that I could've left the uro office, walked through the building and parking lot and then into and around Costco and back through their parking lot to my car and loaded the items into the car ...with my skirt up in the back?

Is that possible?

I would feel the breeze ...right?

Or the car seat fabric on the back of my thighs ...right?

And certainly the girls at the uro desk, someone in the parking lot, or at Costco - inside or outside would have told me ...right?

These are chilling thoughts to ponder, I tell you.

Especially because it happened to me once before, but only in the hospital hallway and ER.  :)

 Link:The Fourth Most Embarrassing Moment!

Seriously tho ...I'd know ...Right?

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