Thursday, June 23, 2016

NOT AGAIN!!! ???

Okay ...I admit it ...I am obsessing a bit ...okay ...a fair amount ...more than I want to.  Heck, I don't want to obsess at all but is it even possible?  Well sure it is possible.  But is it likely?  I mean seriously ...WHAT are the odds that it would happen THREE times?  I am going to ignore it.  I am.  But I have to vent.  I am not going to the ER.  I am not.  I don't even have time to do that.  So I will not.  No ...instead I will obsessively check it.  Because we all know that obsessively checking will make it not so.  Right?  Of course the other two times I didn't go right away either.  But this time I guess I just feel like ...seriously likely is it that I could have been bitten by a bat ...again?

This wasn't even on my radar - no pun intended.  I am talking about bats and bat bites.  I am used to them always flying around here at dusk and so I don't even think about them and I garden until about that time or a bit later.  Tonight I stayed out a longer because I was trying to finish a project.  I really haven't even thought about bats in a long time.  But when I came in to get washed up tonight, I noticed the two little perfectly symmetrical puncture marks and and then a little scratch a few inches from that.  I wasn't gardening in anything sharp or in anything.  I hung a plant off a very full tree and I planted flowers near other taller plants.  I think I leaned over a full vine plant but I didn't touch it.  And I never noticed anything fluttering near me.

I had the first rabies series in October, 1999 and with the second bat bite I got booster vaccines in July, 2014.  I wrote posts about it all in 2014.  So, I am not going to rehash that all over again.  I am going to sign off now, and look at the puncture holes with the magnifying glass.  Maybe I will take a picture again.  But I am not going to obsess.  Just saying.  ;)

Why do these darn punctures have to be so perfectly symmetrical fangs?

That was a rhetorical question.

Sort of.

Besides ...since I had the rabies series and then boosters the second time, in 2014 ...I would think I am covered bat proof or something.  Yeah ...I'm going with that.  Bat proof.

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