Thursday, July 7, 2016

I'm Still Laughing :)

 shocked cat

Gee Whiz!  There's nothing like giving your son's girlfriend a great second impression of yourself.  Thankfully, I have a good sense of humor.  :)

So ...what happened you ask?

This past Sunday, as I walked out of the bedroom to go into the bathroom, I was thinking about the next day's barbecue and pondering whether I should shop or clean first.  I was in my nightgown, not wearing any makeup and my hair wasn't even brushed yet.  No one was home when I had gotten my first cup of coffee and I didn't know that anyone had come in since then.

But as I was about to turn into the bathroom I happened to casually look up ...which is when I saw her standing there and looking at me.  It didn't really register that it was her but just that someone was standing there when I didn't expect it ...which scared me.

 So in a lightening fast, startled response, I simultaneously jumped and screamed ...loudly.  I scared her so much that she jumped and screamed too.  I still laugh about it every time I think about it.  It was embarrassing but I am sharing this little story because humor trumps embarrassment.  :)

Fortunately, son told me she was laughing about it even after they left.  :)

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