Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I am back in my blog!

Yes, I even locked myself out. 

I have an aversion to writing down passwords.

And oven mitts.  I have an aversion to wearing oven mitts, as evidenced by the occasional, needless burns on hands and forearms. 

But I digress.

I have an excellent memory.  I can recall the most amazing details from decades ago.  And numbers.  My number recall is weird, but certainly serves me well. 

In recent years I have become careless with passwords and new email account addresses and passwords.  I left things open and just didn't pay any attention to what the sign ins or back ups for being locked out are.   I got a new computer and so I lost the ability for the computer to open to the familiar sites with the correct address IDs.

I do have some info written down and just have to find the safe place I put the most recent ones.  The problem is I may have screwed up with the email addresses because I only used them once to set something up. 

I will absolutely finish the dentist spitting in my mouth post.  I also want to write a post called, "Torn Between Two Surgeons."  I really am.  And I've been going to two different practises during the last year.  I know that is not good medicine.  One surgeon definitely knows - the second one... and he even recently booked me for surgery for February.  It's a tentative appointment.  The first one, knows I went to the 2nd one but he doesn't know how often.  And I did try to get to the first one but fate seemed to work out that I ended up at the other practice.  So I will explain in that post.  Oh how I would love some guidance with this.  It is a big deal to me because of something else.

Okay.  I have to leave for an appointment now.

Anyway ...YAY!!! 

SeaSpray is back!  :)

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